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Lost Resort
S1 | E1 Lost Resort 43 min Expires February 12
Eight wounded souls check in to embark on a deep healing journey to overcome past traumas, face their truths and so much more through weird and witchy ways. Will they be able to handle it? Welcome to The Lost Resort. ..More
Lost Resort
S1 | E2 Unmasked Meltdowns 42 min
S1 | E2 Lost Resort 42 min Expires February 12
Robin and Christine's fighting annoy the rest of the group, so Meco and Claudia give them a piece of their mind. At the same time, an unlikely friendship forms when the group gets vulnerable while a romance among the guests gets steamy. ..More
Lost Resort
S1 | E3 Turn Up the Heat 42 min
S1 | E3 Lost Resort 42 min Expires February 12
Channeling ancestors proves to be conflicting for our guests - and even healer Ataseia. To elevate tensions, the hot new Sexual Energy Healer threatens a burgeoning romance. ..More
Lost Resort
S1 | E4 Lost Resort 40 min Expires February 12
It's everyone vs. Robin as the mother-daughter drama continues. Meco finds herself in an uncomfortable threesome with Acqua and Vairrun during Orgasmic Healing. Pastor Becca struggles to cope with the death of her stillborn son. ..More
Lost Resort
S1 | E5 Reiki Gone Wrong 40 min
S1 | E5 Lost Resort 40 min Expires February 12
During a Reiki session, Acqua delivers a message to Becca from her stillborn son that sets Becca off. Ingestion of a potential poison sends one guest packing. ..More
Lost Resort
S1 | E6 An Unwanted Surprise 42 min
S1 | E6 Lost Resort 42 min Expires February 12
Things get heated as the group heads to a Sweat Lodge. Acqua and Benjamin explore their budding connection, Becca finds God again, everyone turns against Claudia, and Thea gets a surprise visitor. ..More
Lost Resort
S1 | E7 Lost Resort 42 min Expires February 12
Brandon's arrival forces Christine back into her casita where more mother-daughter drama ensues, causing Greg to finally snap. Thea speaks her truth at a Full Moon Ceremony and Robin gets involved in something she shouldn't. ..More
Lost Resort
S1 | E8 Whoa, that was Gnarly 42 min
S1 | E8 Lost Resort 42 min Expires February 12
Firemama Chrissie comes out when Christine stirs the pot between Brandon and Thea. Claudia has an energetic exorcism, Becca comes to terms with the idea of adoption, and Thea makes a shocking confession to Brandon. ..More
Lost Resort
S1 | E9 Boiling Points 42 min
S1 | E9 Lost Resort 42 min Expires February 12
Emotions are at an all-time high during a second Rage Ceremony. There's trouble in paradise when drama erupts between Vairrun and Meco. Greg loses his cool on Robin, Thea surprises everyone when she makes a decision about Brandon. ..More
Lost Resort
S1 | E10 The End of the Road 42 min
S1 | E10 Lost Resort 42 min Expires February 12
Chrissie finally cracks Greg and reveals traumatic information about his past. Meco makes a shocking revelation during a session with Oneika, and Christine reads a revealing letter, and everything comes to a head in this Season One finale! ..More