Available Episodes

S1 | E1 BLAIR 2 min
Blair's party tips won't help you make friends. ..More
S1 | E2 Rideshares Are Scary 1 minute
S1 | E2 BLAIR 1 minute
Blair shows us that taking a ride from a stranger can be as bad as it sounds. ..More
S1 | E3 Friends Are Replaceable 1 minute
S1 | E3 BLAIR 1 minute
Blair shows us that it's hard to make new friends as an adult so you should just keep your crappy old friends. ..More
S1 | E4 BLAIR 2 min
Blair, a classically untrained singer, is forced to create a musical. ..More
S1 | E5 Therapy Is Neverending 1 minute
S1 | E5 BLAIR 1 minute
Blair's starting to feel like her therapy sessions are repeating themselves. ..More
S1 | E6 BLAIR 1 minute
Blair can't work out because it's too hard. ..More
S1 | E7 Fake Cops Are Annoying 1 minute
S1 | E7 BLAIR 1 minute
Blair encounters a dude driving around an old cop car. ..More
S1 | E8 Divorce Is Inevitable 2 min
S1 | E8 BLAIR 2 min
Blair's friend Lizda is getting a divorce so Blair tires to get back the wedding gifts she bought her. ..More
S1 | E9 My Cat Is Boss 1 minute
S1 | E9 BLAIR 1 minute
Blair's cat owns her. Not the other way around. Cats are in charge. ..More
S1 | E10 Mom Is Depressing 1 minute
S1 | E10 BLAIR 1 minute
Blair's mom only talks about the bad things going on in the world and it's not fun. ..More