Full Frontal with Samantha Bee Announces This is Not a Game: The Game

Mar 02 2018

TBS' Emmy® Award-winning late-night series Full Frontal with Samantha Bee is pleased to announce
it is buying gamifying* the 2018 midterm elections. Samantha Bee, who totally knows what coding
means, is working with some of the best minds in Silicon Valley to develop the non-partisan This is Not a
Game: The Game
 game. TINAG:TG is a heart-pounding, prize- stuffed turducken of a trivia game in
which average citizens play to the death OR win kick-ass prizes, not sure which. We're waiting to hear
back from our lawyers. 

America's dismal midterm election turnout SUCKS and we are 100% certain this game will solve
everything. Full Frontal is not sure why this responsibility has been left to late-night hosts but is up for
the challenge. 

Bee, who is in the early stages of developing the game, says it will be similar to [insert game she hasn't
heard of] with elements of [other game she hasn't heard of]. "I'm so excited to be working with some of
the best nerds to create this game," said Bee. "Plus, I promised my kids I would meet the creators of Fruit
Nibblers. That really needs to happen."
This is Not a Game: The Game will be available later this summer for free download in the Apple and
Android app stores. All civic-minded people are required by law to play the game for individual daily
prizes. Non-civic- minded people are also encouraged to play. Lest any college-aged voter be overlooked,
Sam and her bus (you remember our bus right?!) will travel to universities all over the country to register
voters, tailgate, and just generally to "hang" with the "youth." If the idea of a functioning democracy is
not enough of an incentive to vote, the chance to win a free burrito certainly is, so we're just going to go
with it. 
This is Not a Game: The Game will culminate in a midterm episode of Full Frontal and hopefully not the
end of democracy.
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*please don’t dox us