The One With The Stoned Guy

One of Phoebe's clients, Steve (JON LOVITZ), wants to open a restaurant and is looking for a chef to create the menu. Phoebe gets Monica an "audition," but when the big night arrives, Steve shows up stoned and seems to prefer "munchies" from Monica's cupboards to her gourmet appetizers. Meanwhile, Chandler is hesitant to accept a promotion at his company because that will mean he really is a data processor. While these two have their own work problems, Ross is having a personal problem. His date wants him to talk dirty to her, but Ross just can't find the right words.

Season 1 | Episode 15

Courteney Cox

as Monica Gellar

Jennifer Aniston

as Rachel Green

Lisa Kudrow

as Phoebe Buffay

Matt LeBlanc

as Joey Tribbiani

Matthew Perry

as Chandler Bing

David Schwimmer

as Ross Gellar