Meet the Cast

Tracy Morgan as Tray


Tray is a loveable, stubborn, impassioned man (and now father), back home from prison to prove his worth in society. Unfortunately, he has to acclimate to the newly gentrified Brooklyn before he can spread his passion to those around him.

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Tiffany Haddish as Shay


Tray’s sharp-tongued ex, Shay, now mother of two and well-adjusted to a life without Tray, struggles to find the balance of letting Tray re-enter her upscale life without revisiting the ways of her past that she worked so hard to leave behind.

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Cedric The Entertainer as Miniard Mullins


As the wise-cracking leader and supervisor of the Halfway House, Mullins repeatedly attempts to establish his dominance over Tray, upon his arrival, only to have finally met his match.

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Allen Maldonado as Cousin Bobby


Tray’s energetic, well-intentioned, entrepreneurial, younger cousin, who never fails at bringing his hilariously ill-fated ideas to the table, often leading to the many misadventures of Tray and the kids.

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Ryan Gaul as Josh


Shay’s thoughtful, even-tempered, white husband, who has helped to provide Shay with a life that she could have never imagined, while also helping to raise her two children along the way… Did we also mention he was white?

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Dante Hoagland as Shahzad

Amira’s inquisitive, but reserved, twin brother who leans on Tray and Cousin Bobby to discover what it truly means to be a man.

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Taylor Mosby as Amira


Shay’s outspoken teenage daughter, who hesitates to trust Tray and allow the man absent for so much of her childhood to return and be a part of her life, amidst all the chaos of his reentry into society.

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