Full Frontal with Samantha Bee presents The Great American* Puerto Rico

TBS's late-night hit Full Frontal with Samantha Bee is pleased to announce “The Great American Puerto Rico” will air as a special hour-long episode at 10:00PM on Wednesday March 28th on TBS.

Samantha Bee, a five-time loser at this year’s Fake News Awards, and her team of correspondents traveled throughout Puerto Rico and the greater Puerto Rican territory (i.e.: Florida) to explore how the island is rebuilding and adapting in the wake of Hurricane Maria.

“We were just as surprised as the President that a half dozen hurled rolls of Bounty™ paper towels did not solve the island’s massive power outages or destroyed infrastructure,” said Bee.

Here are some facts for a President friend of ours who likes things that are the biggest and the best:

  1. Puerto Rico is enduring the largest and longest blackout in US history.
  2. Yes, still.
  3. No, you can’t deport them.
  4. Because they’re American citizens.
  5. Still.
  6. About 30% of Puerto Rico is still without power. School enrollment has shrunk by around 22,350 students. 20% of the island lacks running water. If that doesn’t tug at your heart, just imagine all the important tweets they’ve missed.
  7. Puerto Ricans are a tremendous people that we love yugely. If anyone deserves a little greatening, it’s them.

Throughout the special, Full Frontal engages with Puerto Ricans on complex issues such as Puerto Rican statehood, the disastrous power blackout, and whether the Arecibo SETI telescope has actually found any aliens.

“I love Puerto Rico,” Bee says. “These native born American citizens could not have been kinder to a Canadian immigrant coming to their shores. Despite the total shitstorm America has become, we can't forget about the victims of an actual storm. Sorry I said shit in a press release.”

So please tune in to The Great American* Puerto Rican special on March 28th at 10. We promise to read Twitter-deprived Puerto Ricans all the times you’ve tweeted about their plight since October 19th, 2017. (It’s zero.) Make America, which includes Puerto Rico, Great Again. Oh no, that’s such a wide hat. #GreatAmericanPuertoRico.

*It's complicated