Meet the Cast


After dedicating her life to finding a missing girl who as it turns out was merely mending a broken heart, Dory must pick up the pieces of having led her friends down a wild goose chase that could cost them the rest of their lives. It's no wonder she misses when her problems were about nothing


Elliott returns from the scene of the crime, ready to leave it all in the past and dive headfirst into his highly-anticipated memoir - but ultimately the stress of having buried an innocent man may be his own undoing.


Portia, ever the optimist, nearly rises above the trauma but is quickly dragged back into darkness when she's cast in a murderously themed play led by a sociopathic director who recognizes her special breed of susceptibility.


Drew, who is as responsible for Keith's death as Dory, plots a way to escape the country while being coaxed into a love affair he is not at all prepared for.


Julian decides that Chantal's discovery is fodder for another exciting millennial article, only to suspect that there must be more behind the story than meets the eye.