The Official Search Party Music Guide

May 07 2018

Can't get enough of Search Party? Checkout the Spotify playlist featuring songs from Season 2.




Episode 1: Murder!

1. "Me & U" by Tommy Trash feat. Anna Lunoe

2. "Please" by Blanck Mass

3. "One In A Million" by The Deekompressors*

4. "Something Better" by Beat Club

5. "Wait" by NoMBe

6. "What Do You Say" by BOGA

7. "Nightvision" by Little Ashes (VUD remix)



Episode 2: Conspiracy

1. "Waiting Like A Wolf" by Alek Fin

2. "Laudanumb" by Stephen Johnson*

3. "Boiling Point" by Au Revoir Simone

4. "On That Day" by Programm

5. "Sane" by Fear Of Men



Episode 3: Paralysis

1. "Of You" by HOLLOWS

2. "Circles" by Prairie Empire

3. "Crystals" by Andrea Balency



Episode 4: Suspicion

1. "Vow" by Tender

2. "Natalie" by Milk & Bone

3. "Pale Embers" By Dark SPRS feat. Katt



Episode 5: Paranoia

1. "Hotel" by Macadame



Episode 6: Obsession

1. "I Don't Want to Be Too Cool" by Kate Fagan

2. "They Always Fly Away" by Blouse

3. "Doses" by Bonzai

4. "She Bears" by The Muggabears

5. "Belong" by Tender

6. "Hayley" by Arigato Massai feat. Fannie Lineros



Episode 7: Denial

1. "Dark Hope" by Barbarossa

2. "Don't Bother Me" by Olly anna

3. "Rumble" by Rat & Co.



Episode 8: Hysteria

1. "Rose" by COPY

2. "Shy" by Darwin*

3. "Slap" by Darwin

3. "Impulse" by MRCH



Episode 9: Frenzy

1. "Pity" by Noga Erez

2. "Alone In The Night" by Gundelach

3. "Night Moves" by Roosevelt

4. "You Can Run" by Painted Pale

5. "Too Gone" by Chaos Emeralds



Episode 10: Psychosis

1. "Femme" by Le Couleur

2. "Because Of You" by Soldout

3. "Warrior" by Love Kelli*

3. "Epitaph For My Heart" Cover by Programm (A Search Party Original)

*Currently unavailable on Spotify