Auntie Sam Wants You To Join the #ReeferSanity Army

See the world, serve your country, help our veterans, burden Jeff Sessions with a ton of letters to read.

Whether you're a veteran, college student, local activist, friendly priest, concerned grandma, or the actual Willie Nelson, you know that people deserve access to medical cannabis, especially our veterans! There's just one small thing person standing between our vets and their care: Jeff Sessions. He's so small, and yet he can ruin so many things at once! 

Here's a few ways you can join Sam's #ReeferSanity army and stand-up for Americans who need medically-prescribed cannabis — and annoy Jeff Sessions in the process!

Send Jeff a Letter!

Click the image to download a printable PDF! Just print it out two-sided, fill in your info, seal, stamp and mail!

Letter to Jeff Sessions


Send Us a Video!

Do you have a story about how medicinal cannabis has helped you or a loved one? Record a 1-minute or less video about it and tweet it to @FullFrontalSamB with the hashtag #ReeferSanity and we might RT it. Need some inspiration? Just watch Matthew Modine's testimonial below.

Support the IAVA's Latest Action on Medical Cannabis

We're partnering with the IAVA who has long been a leader on this issue. Join us in urging Congress to pledge to support IAVA-backed measures that empower veterans to be helped by medical cannabis. Learn more at