Summer Is Better with Flat Samley!

Dear Full Frontal Fans,

We have a little homework assignment for the end of the summer! After our last show, Sam accidentally got flattened during the demolition of our set. Don’t worry -- she is OK, just a little flat. On the bright side, now it’s easier for Sam to travel! 

Like the Flat Stanleys you’re familiar with from grade school summer projects, Flat Samley is excited to go on adventures with you. Are you going to a national park to see some beautiful sights that are protected (for now)? Bring Flat Samley along! Attending a town hall, a voter registration drive, or voting in a primary election? Flat Samley wants to be your co-pilot! Find yourself in the same room, restaurant or elevator with Paul Ryan or any other representative who might be trying to spend August avoiding their constituents? You KNOW they’ll want a picture with Flat Samley!

Tell us about Flat Samley’s adventures and tweet your pictures to @FullFrontalSamB with the hashtag #FlatSamley. We can’t wait to see and RT everywhere she goes/trolls.

Have a great August!


Click image below for a printer-friendly Flat Samley!