Donald J. Trump’s Study Abroad Journal

May 29 2017

I just spent the last nine days studying abroad. While I was there, I did not have access to my phone or the internet, because my staff took it. I did, however, keep this blog so you can all see this trip through my eyes. I learned a lot while being abroad and I hope that this journal proves how much I have grown as a person.

May 18, 2017

I’m getting ready for my big foreign trip! I am packing and I am very excited to get away from here! I just feel like America is too toxic for me; everyone is always on their phones and talking about Comey and nobody really is appreciating me here. It’s crazy! They’ll notice how much they miss me when I’m gone. Everyone is going to be so jealous of how much fun I’m having. I will be updating this throughout my trip with photos and little blogs about my experience! Follow along!

See ya, suckers!

May 19, 2017

Today is wheels up. I was really excited to get going but then I learned that I am going to the Middle East and not to Europe like my friend Jeff who gets to be in Paris for four whole years! I only get to be gone for nine days. This is already getting really unfair. But I’m still excited to get away from America. It’s just so bad here. American people are so mean and their expectations are way too high. They just need to be chill like people in other countries are. Do you know that in Russia, everyone loves their president?! Isn’t that so cool? I think that America should be more like Russia.

Ok, the pilot is saying I have to turn off my computer now (not fair??) but I’ll write more once I’ve landed!

May 20, 2017

I landed in Saudi Arabia today. Not to be racist, but it is SO hot here! What’s up with that? I’m really tired from the plane ride — it was a 12 hour flight and I only brought one copy of Duck Tales to watch so I ended up watching it a bunch of times…

I got to meet some cool people today! If I had to pick my favorite thing about being abroad so far, it would be all of the AMAZING people I’ve met so far. Like today, I met a king! He doesn’t really look like any king I’ve ever seen before, like the one in The Little Mermaid, but it was still cool nonetheless! In Saudi Arabia, everyone has these glowing orbs that you touch and makes you feel really calm. Here we are with the orb:

Feeling really zen during my trip abroad!

It’s cool to learn about how other people live! I really like Saudi Arabia. I think we’ll be friends with them for a long time! I got to learn how they write, too. They had me practice my writing on their official documents. Unfortunately, I couldn’t read the writing but it is still cool to learn! I wonder what it says haha!

Learning to write in Middle East language!

Ok, write again soon!

May 22, 2017

Now I am in Jerusalem which is in Bethlehem which is in Israel. I think that Israel is the continent, Bethlehem is the country, and Jerusalem is the state. I’m sort of overwhelmed by how other countries are organized as this is not really making good sense to me.

How am I feeling today? Well, tired, sleepy, spent, drowsy; you could say I’m any one of those! I feel like I’ve been away from America forever! Things are just different here and I’m starting to miss my old life. I really liked that life. It wasn’t nearly as hard as this…sigh…

Today, I went to a place where I had to lay a wreath down. I did not understand the place and what it stood for but they asked me to write a note (Jewish custom, I think) so I just wrote that I will never forget being there even though I was so tired all day that I wasn’t really paying attention.

With my new friend :)

Also, today, I met a man named Bibi. He was very silly. Write again soon!

May 23, 2017

I am still in Jerusalem! Today, I went to visit a wall which was really great research for this wall I’m working on (great research on what NOT to do lol!). The wall there is made of stones and was not beautiful like the one of steel I’m going to make. When I touched the wall, it felt rough. I would like my wall to be smooth. This is just one thing I learned while on my trip abroad.

Dang wall tried to swallow my arm lol!

Another thing I learned while I was abroad is that other places have other customs. Like in America, it is custom to wear your tie very long; it is custom in Saudi Arabia to wear a dress even if you are a man. And in Jerusalem you have to wear a hat. We have that custom in parts of Brooklyn, too. It is nice to see that wherever you go, you are not really a stranger. Except that they will not let me eat shrimp here? What’s up with that?

May 24, 2017

Today I am in Vatican City. I’m really tired from traveling so much. This is getting kind of annoying, being in a different city every single day. I don’t even get to see them that much! It’s not really fair how badly they planned this.

Today I met with the Pope Frank. Pope is Italian for mayor, I think. He lives in the big, gold mayor’s mansion in Vatican City. It was so cool to go over to his house. I was smiling so much! I told him “hey I’ve never seen this much gold outside of my penthouse!” He thought it was a hilarious joke. This is us, laughing together:

Dang wall tried to swallow my arm lol!

He also wears a dress which I thought was weird but I’ve learned not to make fun of what people from other countries wear because they will sometimes get mad at you for that and then will not give you oil. In the Middle East, where the Vatican City is, there is a lot of oil which I want to use for projects back in America.

Mr. Pope Frank gave me three books which was a nice gesture but what am I going to do with them? First of all, I have to carry them around with me on the rest of the trip. Also, I’m, like, sorta busy while I’m abroad and I have a lot of work to do, when the heck am I gonna have time to read? Overall, he was a nice guy but would not let me drive his cool car.

Melania came on the trip with me which I thought was going to be sooo cool because it is very romantic to be abroad but we keep fighting! I just thought this trip was going to be different than all the days we spend together. Guess not…

May 25, 2017

Ok, where the hell am I??? I think this is France because everyone here sounds like they have allergies but I haven’t seen the Eiffel Tower yet. I want to go back home. I feel like I’ve been away for months. Everyone is really getting on my nerves, especially Ivanka and Jared. Ivanka keeps going off to do her own thing and Jared won’t even talk to me! I’m so tired of always having to be somewhere. Also, I think I’m getting sick from being in the plane so much. And my friend Sean is mad at me but won’t tell me why. This trip is really sucking!

I had lunch with the guy that invented the radio and now he is the President of France. In France they have this custom of shaking hands really hard. I didn’t know this before I got there and it hurt my hand really bad. But I don’t really care cause this guy wasn’t really as cool or as fun as some of the other guys I met, like the kings and stuff.

Um, ouch!

I hate France. It smells here. I want to go home.

May 26, 2017

I’m almost done!!!!!!!

Today was kind of a let-down cause I thought I was going to see some G7 cars but when I got there the cars had all been moved or something and it was just people sitting around talking. I couldn’t understand them because I don’t speak European.

When I’m in a meeting, I’m in business-mode.

I haven’t really been paying attention to the news at home. I would say that is the best part of this trip. I just know that when I get home, everyone is going to be so excited to see me. Can’t wait! Eep!

May 27, 2017

I thought I just got to be on the airplane all day (airplanes rule btw — kings of the sky!) but first I had to go to a meeting of Americans who live in Europe and Middle East now. I was kind of like…why am I talking to these people who didn’t even want to stay in America in the first place, you know? But I did it and now I’m all done and on my way home!

The big flag couldn’t trick me– this was not America!

I can’t wait to be back in my bed. I’m so tired, could sleep for the next 3 years! Also, I haven’t had a BM in 9 days.

We can’t find my friend Sean anywhere but I’m not worried. He was really irritating me anyway.

So, that’s everything from my trip abroad. It was not the relaxing vacation I was promised but I did learn a lot and now I know that I love Saudi Arabia and I don’t like France! It is important to know who your allies are in life.