2021 Wild & Ugly Calendar


We at Full Frontal just want to say: Fuck the pandas! Wait, don’t leave! Let us explain!

While we don’t wish any harm on our precious, furry friends, we resent how much attention they get while other less fortunate-looking animals quietly go extinct. We all love a cute, cuddly creature, but hideous ugmos are just as important to their ecosystems. While the 10s of the animal kingdom get all the glory and stuffed animal real estate at zoo gift shops, the hard 3s of nature suffer in silence — but no longer! Full Frontal has made a 2021 calendar both to celebrate and to draw attention to the absolute most hideous, revolting left swipes of the world that also happen to be endangered and vulnerable animals. Download our calendar of ugmos here!

For what it’s worth, we think some of them ARE actually kind of cute in a backwards “oh god, don’t look directly at it” kind of way. You be the judge!