Give back like an O.G.

Apr 08 2020

The Last O.G. is all about second chances and giving back to those who fall on hard times.

To celebrate kicking off our third season, we are partnering with Upworthy to Give Back Like an O.G. through a share-to-donate campaign to Children of Promise, NYC, a local, Brooklyn-based nonprofit that supports kids of incarcerated parents. They provide services ranging from after-school programs, hot meals, and summer camps to ongoing mental health services specifically designed to meet the needs, interests and concerns of children left behind by a parent serving time in prison.

And during these times, while millions of people across the globe are facing tremendous hardships, the community CPNYC serves everyday is among the most vulnerable. This pandemic is new, but the underlying needs are not. The COVID-19 crisis brings to the surface many of the issues that these children and families have experienced for far too long. CPNYC staff talks to participants and caregivers everyday to provide the most basic necessities to these families.

For every retweet, TBS will donate $1 to CPNYC. See Terms & Conditions.



In addition to participating in our share-to-donate campaign, you can donate directly to Children of Promise, NYC.

Children of Promise, NYC


Children of Promise, NYC serves more than 350 children and their families each year. Their innovative model was developed to address the specific emotional trauma that can be triggered by losing a parent to incarceration. CPNYC is the only agency in NYC that co-locates a licensed mental health clinic with an after-school program and summer day camp, seamlessly providing access to therapeutic services and youth development all under one roof.

To learn more about CPNYC’s Response to COVID-19, go to or follow them on social media.

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