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Good Squirrel Hunting
Season 3: Episode 68: Good Squirrel Hunting
Kim and Greg are horrified to find peanuts in the backyard, since Sam is allergic to them. Wondering who was careless enough to bring them into their yard, they soon find the culprit -- a squirrel. Greg sets up a metal trap to catch the little bugger, so that Sam will be able to go outside again. The squirrel takes the bait, but Greg is too afraid to touch it to get rid of it, so Jimmy -- who's just as scared -- has to do the honors. While en route to dispose of it, it gets out of the bag Jimmy put it in, crawls on Jimmy's leg, and ends up out of the car and back in the yard when he and Greg run for cover. Since Kim knows it won't fall for the trap twice, she hints that Greg should kill it. Greg doesn't want to, until Sam asks if he can go outside to play. While he ponders how to off the thing, Jimmy suggests borrowing a pellet gun from Billy. Kim and Christine head off to the beach, Billy pops by dressed like Elmer Fudd, and the three guys get set for some good old-fashioned squirrel hunting. Billy gives the others some camo to wear and Greg some squirrel pee to mask his human scent, then they all sit back and wait for the squirrel to show its face. But when it does, Greg can't bring himself to shoot it -- not even with his conscience, dressed up as Kenny Rogers, singing a reasonable facsimile of "Coward of the County" to him. So Jimmy takes the gun, only to find out that he doesn't have the guts to shoot it either. Luckily for Sam, Billy blows it away. That's when they all learn that that there's two squirrels, and Billy killed the wrong one. Greg finally works up the nerve to pick up the gun again and avenge the innocent squirrel's death, but he misses, and the squirrel makes a run for it -- right in front of Kim's car while in traction.


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