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The Ring
Season 2: Episode 45: The Ring
While going over their homeowners' insurance, Greg lets Kim fetch the appraisal on her engagement ring, figuring she'll be thoroughly impressed with him when she finds out once and for all where he got it and what he paid for it. She is. And then she's thoroughly disgusted with him when she finds out when he got it -- two years before he met her. Greg admits that he bought the ring for another woman, but never proposed to her because he caught her getting it on with his roommate. His explanation falls on deaf ears, and Kim gives the ring, which she now considers tainted, back to him. To make amends, Greg surprises Kim with a brand-new replacement engagement ring. Or rather, a brand-new carbon copy of her original engagement ring -- which an insulted Kim also gives back, because it reminds her just as much of the other woman as the first one did. After a third failed attempt to pass the same ring off to her, Greg goes and gets her a different ring he personally designed himself. But her new ring is so appallingly ugly that Kim wishes she had kept her mouth shut. Meanwhile, after Jimmy refuses to rub Christine's sore feet for her because he finds the thought revolting, he too decides to make amends by surprising her with the Podia Pool 8000 foot soak machine. Initially adverse to the idea, Christine tries it out, and thinks it's the best thing this side of sex. Pretty soon, she thinks it's better than sex. A bitterly jealous Jimmy now has to duke it out with his present for the rights to his woman. And her feet.


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