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Greg's Promotion
Season 2: Episode 44: Greg's Promotion
Greg announces that he may soon become Executive Director of Business Affairs, instead of what he is now... Executive Manager of Business Affairs. Since the new position is between him and his co-worker, Stuart, Jimmy recommends he suck up to his boss to ensure he gets it. Though initially skeptical, Greg has a chance to follow that advice when he goes to see Jimmy play at the studio's softball game, and bumps into his boss, Mr. Savitsky. Jimmy hits a home run and wins the game for his team. Then Greg gets the promotion. Greg is annoyed when Jimmy brags that his home run clinched it for him. Fearing Jimmy might be right, Greg asks Savitsky point blank if he got promoted over Stuart because he works harder. Savitsky tells him he did, but when Greg brings up Jimmy's home run afterwards, Savitsky remembers that it was because of the home run after all. Humiliated, Greg lies to Jimmy that Savitsky told him it wasn't. Jimmy pretends to be soundly defeated before revealing that Savitsky already blew his cover. A not-so-humble Greg says he isn't used to owing Jimmy anything, what, with all the things Jimmy owes him. That's the extent of gratitude he's able to muster. Meanwhile, Christine secretely takes up smoking again while studying for her finals. Jimmy catches her in the act, and she realizes she needs to quit cold turkey. Again. With the aid of wads of gum, she does, and subsequently passes her finals.


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