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friday, april 18th
8:00 pm
10:00 pm
Dances with Couch
Season 2: Episode 43: Dances with Couch
Jimmy and Dominic join the West Los Angeles Tribe of Indian Scouts, and meet their tribemates: Chief Carl Blumkin and his son, Kevin; Great Star and his son, Bright Star; and Talking Rock and his son, Running Rabbit. Even with his own cute Indian nickname -- Red Fox -- Jimmy's sense of humor doesn't fly with the others. Since he dreads scouting and Greg, a decorated child scout, loves it, Jimmy agrees to let him be surrogate father to Dominic for the next meeting. That way, he can have his own meeting... on the couch with a Cleveland Indians game. The others are impressed by the many feathers Greg earned when he was a scout. And since he happens to have more of them than Carl, he's made new chief. Jimmy's relief turns to jealousy when he finds out Greg drove Dominic to school. He tells Greg he'll take Dominic to school and to the meetings from now on -- which is fine with Greg, but not with Dominic. Dominic is ashamed when, on their first wilderness adventure, Jimmy kills a bunny with a rock and has trouble putting up a teepee. Jimmy finally redeems himself to the tribe when he asks a car-full of hippies to turn down their loud music; wins his first feather, the coveted warrior one; and gives it to Dominic, a.k.a. Silver Fox. Meanwhile, Billy drops by uninvited with his nephew, Nathan, whom he's taking care of for his sister while she's in town job hunting. He attempts to pawn Nathan off with Kim and Christine, who are taking the kids to Chuck E. Cheese. When they don't bite on that, Billy goes with them, and has such a good time with Nathan that he offers to take Sam and Logan back himself. But he drops a bomb on them the next day -- his sister took Nathan back home, and now he can't be bothered going.


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