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friday, april 18th
8:00 pm
10:00 pm
Favorite Son
Season 2: Episode 38: Favorite Son
It's Sam's and Logan's first day of nursery school, and Kim decides to butter up their teacher with cookies. When Kim and Christine go after school to pick up the kids, Christine is upset when the teacher, Miss Brooke, fawns all over Sam, then ignores Logan. Christine tells Jimmy about it that night, but he thinks she's overreacting. After trading off with the women, Greg and Jimmy go to pick the kids up the next day. Jimmy sees that Christine wasn't overreacting when Miss Brooke doesn't even know which one is Logan. At home, Christine tells Jimmy that Miss Brooke is doing it because Kim is brown-nosing her with presents, and the two talk to Kim about it. But Kim refuses to stop sucking up, so Christine and Jimmy try to outdo her by sucking up with gifts of their own. It doesn't work, Kim realizes the error of her ways, and they all confront Miss Brooke about what she's doing. After Greg and Kim offend Jimmy and Christine by suggesting she's doing it because Sam is special and Logan is ordinary, Miss Brooke sets them straight -- she's giving Sam extra attention because he has no friends, while Logan doesn't need it as he has plenty. Miss Brooke says she didn't tell them earlier because she felt Sam needed to adjust on his own. Greg and Kim worry that they screwed up with Sam... until they remember that Logan is stupid.


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