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friday, april 18th
8:00 pm
10:00 pm
You're Out... of Dreams
Season 2: Episode 37: You're Out... of Dreams
The Warners get some extra help around the house from their neighbor, Bernice, who's a little too eager to carry Kim's groceries and play with Sam. A chance encounter with an annoying lady at the pediatrician makes Christine realize she should start pushing Jimmy to chase his dream the same way he pushed her to go back to college. Jimmy's dream was to be an umpire -- which he didn't chase because Christine shot it down way back when. Now he says she was right the first time. Greg becomes so attached to Bernice, who baked him a pie and gave him a sweater, that he starts acting like she's his wife. Jimmy confesses to Greg that he's using Christine's destroying his dream as a trump card to get things out of her. But Greg manages to convince Jimmy that his dream isn't stupid and he should go for it. Kim lets Greg see, to no avail, that she's jealous of his affection for Bernice. Jimmy's first ump job is a textbook lesson in Murphy's Law, leaving the entire field up in arms at his extreme incompetence. Bernice's son, Peter, visits the Warner house to reclaim her. The reason she's been spending all her time there mothering Greg is she's mad at her son for moving far away and not being around as much. All it takes is a rude comment about Peter from Greg for Bernice to pack her pies and go home. Jimmy admits defeat and hangs up his umpire's uniform, but not without some sorrow about the "what if?"


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