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Guess Who's Not Coming to Dinner
Season 2: Episode 33: Guess Who's Not Coming to Dinner
Since Greg and Kim plan to go away to see Greg's folks for Thanksgiving, Jimmy wants to invite his parents over to the Warner house. But Christine doesn't want his father there as all the man does is criticize his son. Jimmy feels he can impress his pop now because he's got a great job and family. Jimmy gets his wish; after the Warners leave, Big Jimmy and Kitty arrive. And they've brought company -- Aunt Betty, Grammy and cousin Neil the ex-con. But Big Jimmy is still not impressed and keeps criticizing Jimmy since Greg foots the bill for him and he bailed out of college. Meanwhile, a blizzard forces Greg and Kim to return home, and Greg prepares to go to bed, unaware Jimmy let Grammy sleep in his room. When he finds her there, he screams so loud that he kills her. Greg tells Kim, who dials 911, then wakes up Jimmy and Christine to break the bad news. They assume that Grammy passed away in her sleep -- which Greg plays along with. After the ambulance takes her away, Jimmy tells the others that Grammy's dead. Kim, who didn't know Greg lied, lets it slip that Greg's sorry for scaring her to death. Rather than blame Greg, Big Jimmy blames Jimmy for not having his own place. Then he storms out. Jimmy smoothes things over during dinner by proposing a toast to Grammy. Big Jimmy comes back that night to apologize for storming off, and father and son make amends.


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