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friday, april 18th
8:00 pm
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The Ticket
Season 2: Episode 29: The Ticket
Greg's stunned when he gets a ticket for running a red light courtesy one of those auto-machines that takes your picture -- until he sees that it took Jimmy's picture while driving his car. Even though Jimmy promises to pay the ticket, Greg is still mad at him for borrowing his car without asking. Christine agrees and everyone arranges a deal to respect each other's property in the future. But Greg is angry when Kim breaks the arrangement by borrowing the Hughes' camera. To make it up to them, Kim decides to get their film developed herself. At the courthouse, Jimmy learns while waiting on line that he can't go to traffic school again because he's already been there once within the last 18 months. Greg, on the other hand, hasn't been... Christine has a cow, but eventually gives in to Jimmy's demands to make him a fake ID with Greg's name on it, or else Jimmy will lose his license for having too many points. Meanwhile, Greg and Kim go to get the film developed, and find out the hard way that Jimmy and Christine took naked pictures of themselves. And worse, now they're going to know Greg and Kim didn't keep their end of the deal. With Christine's fake ID, Jimmy goes to traffic school, and promptly backs into the instructor's car on his way home. Then he takes off. But somebody saw him -- Greg Warner, that is -- and tells the instructor. Jimmy tries to find a way to cover the damage to Greg's car while they and the wives are out for a ride, but there's no way he can cover the cop who pulls Greg over for a busted taillight, runs a check on the plate, and suspends Greg's license for being involved in a hit and run. Greg refuses to talk to Jimmy for the rest of the ride -- with Kim driving -- but the odds are about to even out when Christine asks Kim to stop at the photomat so she can get her pictures developed.


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