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Doctor, Doctor
Season 1: Episode 17: Doctor, Doctor
Greg and Kim aren't happy to hear that Sam's pediatrician has retired early and sold his practice -- and his patients -- to a physician they've never met. Trying to give the new guy, Dr. Trabert, a chance, they freak out upon discovering that he's practically a kid himself, has his wife working as his receptionist, and has left his sick kid at home to go to work. Greg and Kim instead make an appointment to meet with Dr. Bernstein, the most famous pediatrician in L.A., and lie their way into his exclusive clientele. No sooner than they get on Bernstein's 'A' list than Sam shoves a piece of pasta up his nose and Greg has to rush him to the doctor to have it taken out. But Greg is forced to wait an unreasonable amount of time while a disinterested Bernstein tends to his numerous other patients. Greg chews the doctor out when he continues to make Sam wait, Jimmy gets the piece of pasta out himself, and Bernstein rudely tells Greg to take his business elsewhere. But Kim makes Greg go back and apologize. While in the waiting room, Greg tries to calm down an impatient, hothead dad who's pulling an instant replay of his outburst from the other day. Rather than take Greg's advice to heart, the father attacks him, and Dr. Bernstein throws Greg out again. Then Sam develops a fever, and Greg begs Kim to call Dr. Trabert even though it's Friday night. Expecting to reach Trabert's answering machine, Kim is amazed to find out he's there, he remembers Sam's name, he has other patients, and he'll make a housecall on the weekend. In other words, he's the SuperDoc Greg and Kim thought Bernstein was.


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