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The Good Couple
Season 1: Episode 3: The Good Couple
Jimmy sees Sam playing with an elderly couple's kid at the park, and warns Greg that parents don't pick their own friends, their kids pick them. Following Jimmy's advice, Greg spots a young, attractive couple with a kid of their own, and gets Sam to play with theirs instead. Jimmy's worst nightmare comes true when he sees Christine let Logan play with the old couple's child anyway. Greg and Kim get to go out with the young, attractive couple, John and Rebecca. Greg naturally thinks he got the better deal -- until he and Kim learn the hard way that their couple are violent lunatics prone to road rage. Jimmy is in for a surprise of his own when the old couple, David and Judy, are actually fun to be around. Kim returns to the park and befriends David and Judy in an attempt to steal them away from the Hughes. Christine is angry when she finds out that David and Judy invited all four of them over for dinner, as she doesn't want to share the good couple. At David's and Judy's house, Kim and Christine have a jealousy play for their affections. Christine gets the last laugh when Judy confesses to her that she and David are swingers, and she tells Judy that Greg and Kim are too. Christine and Jimmy bail, leaving the Warners to find out the hard way just how much fun David and Judy are to be around. David and Judy meet John and Rebecca, swingers themselves, and the two bad couples are off everybody's hands.


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