Get Red Right Makeover

We're helping a woman overcome her obsession with the color red, and we're also giving her red hair a little help.

Expert - Stephen Mancuso
Expert - Deda Coben
Recipe - Sugar Scrub
Tip - Fashion by Deda

There's nothing wrong with the color red, unless you're Demi Moore in this week's movie or our volunteer who possibly enjoys the color a little too much. Tune in to meet Marcia, a woman who has taken to dying her hair red. Very red. Bright red. The kind of red that could guide Santa's sleigh. She's also got a very enthusiastic fashion sense that could benefit from a low-light or two of its own.

On this show, we'll show our volunteer that her closet has many colors, and that a more subdued style doesn't have to be boring. Most importantly, we're going to get the red right for her carrot top and make sure that she gets a Scarlet A+ on her makeover report card.

Also this week, Mia shows you how to keep your feet in tip top shape, post-pedicure, using a home made 'Sugar Scrub.' Check out the recipe to the right for more info.

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