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Stephanie Layne

Stephanie is living on cloud nine. In fact, she practically owns it, thanks to her overwhelmingly successful, best-selling book about relationships. Although the guys she meets frequently back off when they find out she’s the author of an instructional manual on how to dump a guy, she’s not about to let that get in the way of basking in her newfound fame. After an eye-opening encounter with her longtime nemesis, Kenny, she throws herself into her work, which includes a new book and a class in break-up strategies for women.

Nickname: "Steph"--but I only let PJ call me that

Job: Journalist

Relationship Status: Determined (to find a great guy and get married)

Philosophy on Life: "Don't ever sleep with a guy too early in a relationship or you won’t be a challenge anymore."

Favorite pastime(s): Shopping for guys online, shopping period, going out on dates, getting ready to go out on dates.

My current obsession: Trying to get PJ to channel her inner girl and date guys who are MEN.

If I had to pick one sport to watch forever it would be: NONE. I rather watch my nail polish dry.

Even under duress, I probably still wouldn't: Date any of PJ's boys. (Nice boys, but not my type).

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