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Kenny Moritorri

Kenny is a mass of contradictions. One minute he’s a socially inept owner of a sports memorabilia store, the next he’s winning over amazingly hot chicks who would normally consider him a last, desperate choice. After hiring Mike to work in his store, it seems Kenny has managed to steal some of his employee’s mojo. Meanwhile, his ongoing feud with PJ’s friend, Stephanie, reached a surprising tipping point when the two wound up in bed together, which to much to everyone's surprise, lead to the two dating.

Job: Proud proprietor of my own sports memorabilia store

Signature Move: The coffee date

Philosophy on Life: "Slow and steady wins the race."

Relationship Status: Single. Very single. Just for now, though. And only because I want to be.

Thing I’m proudest of: My apartment. OK, I'm a neat freak, I admit it. Are you satisfied?

If I could have any job in the world, regardless of talent, skill or training, it would be: either a male catalog model or a professional closet organizer.

My most prized possession: I have the best shirt collection of all the guys, if not in all of the Chicago metro area.

My worst habit is: not sealing the deal with women. If you know what I mean.

Area that needs most improvement: I kinda suck at Battleship.

My ideal woman is: someone like PJ. Or her friend Stephanie. Or Brendan's girlfriend, Wendy. Ok, any woman with a pulse.

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