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Mike Callahan

Mike is one of those guys who spends much of his time proving what a ladies man he could be. He could potentially be a hit with women if they didn’t figure out all too quickly that he lacks the social graces for Sunday dinner with the parents. After a summer in which his sexual fortunes took a nose dive, he expanded his tastes at Bobby’s wedding by hooking up with a sexy older woman.

Job: I work in the front office for the Chicago Cubs

Relationship Status: Single and digging it

Philosophy on Life: "Play it fast and loose."

Signature Move: The "Three-Date Limit," but sometimes I use the "One and Done."

My favorite thing to eat at a sushi restaurant: Going to a sushi restaurant wouldn't be my first choice, heck, it wouldn't even be my fifth choice. But if I had to go, I'd get chicken teriyaki.

My most prized possession: A toss-up between Frank, my big screen TV, and my reclining leather chair. Although, one couldn't really exist without the other, so does that make them count as one?

The skill I exceed at the most is: Getting lucky with the ladies. Kenny could stand to take a few lessons from my playbook, if you know what I mean.

My ideal date: I pay for my drinks, she pays for hers then we go back to her place. Just to talk, of course.

My favorite happy hour joint: Crowley's Tavern

My favorite place to grab a bite: Crowley's Tavern

My favorite late night spot: Crowley's Tavern

My favorite place to go for a cold drink and some wings after playing baseball on the weekend: Crowley's Tavern

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