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Brendan Dorff

Brendan is a DJ without a radio station. Having lost his job to a computer, he spent much of last summer in a financial and social slump. A spark returned to his handsome face, however, when Bobby’s best friend, John, proposed that the two open a nightclub together. Brendan is now pouring everything he has into the venture, leaving him little time to date or hang out with the gang.

Nickname: "Brendoooooo"

Job: Hard Rock DJ

Relationship Status: It's kind of hard to say at the moment...

Philosophy on life: "Go 'til you know."

My most prized possession is: my collection of vintage rock t-shirts.

My current obsession: downloading cool ringtones for my cell phone.

I'm a sucker for: my on-again, off-again, on-again girlfriend, Wendy.

My worst habit is: see above

If I had to pick one sport to watch forever, it would be: football, but don't tell Mike and PJ, aka Mr. & Mrs. Obsessed-With-Baseball.

If I could live a period of my life over again it would be: right now rocks

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