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PJ Franklin

PJ Franklin is every guy’s dream – sexy, smart, sports-savvy and able to bluff at poker with nothing more than a pair of sixes. Serving as best buddy, confidante and ad hoc den mother to her pack of guy friends, however, doesn’t lend itself to finding a lasting relationship with a boyfriend. That is until she starts dating one of the "guys".

Nickname: "Peeje"

Job: (you mean, DREAM Job) Sportswriter for the Chicago Sun Times

Relationship Status: Single, but looking

I live for: sports and my guy friends -- the order changes depending on what kind of mood the guys are in or if my teams are winning or not.

Philosophy on Life: "Almost everything in dating and relationships is a parallel to sports, especially baseball."

Even under duress, I probably still wouldn't: laugh at an unfunny joke just to get a guy to like me.

When there is no sporting event to go to, play or watch on TV, I: either play poker or grab a beer with the guys

Thing I'm proudest of: how I was able to turn my love of sports and writing into a successful career.

If I could eat only one type of food for the rest of my life, it would be: Pizza from Nunzio's. No mushrooms.

Ideal scenario for a first date: Seats on the fifty at a Bears game

I would never get serious with a guy who: wasn't into my friends

I'm attracted to guys who: love sports and aren't intimidated by the fact that I can beat them at poker

Dog or cat? Dog, preferably a mutt

My worst habit is: drinking milk from the jug

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