Dance Makeover

We're teaching a couple how to find their rhythm on the dance floor!

Expert - Anita J. Finkelstein
Expert - Jose Maldonado
Expert - Cyra Mobed
Tip - Dancing with Jose

This week, we're featuring a happy couple that is completely in tune with each other -- except on the dance floor. Katy and Barry are getting married, and would like to wow their friends and families when the wedding band strikes up the music. Unfortunately, they have no idea how to release their inner "Fred and Ginger." We're going to separate them and give them each some Salsa lessons. By the end of the show, they'll reunite to show off some of their red hot moves right on our set. Plus, Mia will show us exactly what we need to wear in order to hit the clubs with as much style and grace as our volunteers now have.

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