" Erin Brockovich" Links Mentioned on the Show

We don't have an actual recipe this week. Instead, this week's show contains a huge amount of useful information. Here are the links to studies and sites mentioned on the show!

Important Links:

Lois Gibbs, Executive Director of the Center for Health, Environment & Justice: Be Safe

University of California News and Info: Benefits of grass fed beef

Union of Concerned Scientists: Food and Environment

Cal State University Chico: Review of nutrients found in Grass-fed beef

GotMercury.org: Body mass seafood mercury calculator using EPA and FDA data

Mayo Clinic: 8 ways to prevent food poisoning

EPA: What you need to know about mercury in fish and shellfish

The Environmental Defense Network: List of best and worst seafood choices

EPA: Tips on pesticides and food

Cornell: Pesticide and food fact sheet

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