Sweet Sixteen Makeover

We're giving our volunteer a birthday to remember, with a professionally-planned party and fashion and style makeovers for all the guests!

Expert - Richie Arpino
Expert - Swoon Candles
Tip - Party Planning

In this week's movie, Sixteen Candles, nobody remembers Molly Ringwald's sixteenth birthday. There's no chance of that happening for our "birthday girl" volunteer. Our party planning experts are transforming her home into sweet-sixteen-central, with elegant accents that will make her big night worthy of the society pages. Meanwhile, Lauren, our sixteen-year-old, and her closest friends will be prepped for the party by expert fashion and hair stylists. When they emerge, they'll look like the teen sweethearts they are with age-appropriate looks that will appeal to their parents... and the shy boys on the other side of the room.

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