Summer Schooled

We're helping a honeymooning volunteer go from 9-to-5 fabulous to summer chic!

Expert - Stephen Mancuso
Expert - A. Scott Walton
Tip - Packing for a Trip

Our volunteer feels right at home in casual urban wear, but how will she fare when she's suddenly transported to an exotic tropical island for her honeymoon? In this week's movie, Summer School, all of the kids have mastered the art of being beachy and cool. Volunteer Maureen, on the other hand, has a thing or two to learn. Fortunately, we're just in time to "school" this wannabe beach bum in the ways of summer - no matter where she goes. We'll teach her about the fun of flip-flops, the importance of a good pedicure, the art of bikini-wearing and bronzing, and the siren song of the sarong. We'll even show Maureen some exercises she can do to get a more buff body. By the end of the show, she'll be ready to actually relax once her summer honeymoon arrives.

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