Moonstruck Makeover

This week, we'll be doing a makeover that could have come straight out of the movie Moonstruck!

Expert - Diane Gardner
Expert - Phillip Bloch
Tip - Moonstruck Makeup
Tip - Fashion by Phillip

We've find a pretty woman in her '40s who's given up on glamour, and we're dressing her to the nines for a special night out. By special, we're talking about a fabulous charity event, an awards ceremony, or a night at the opera! Just like Cher in this week's movie, our volunteer, Janine, will get highlights in her hair, will be poured into a flattering dress, will be given some flash with a little Cartier and her favorite man will even be hooked up with a tuxedo. Then, we're giving the pair tickets to a special occasion to show off their special new look!

Our experts for this show were fashion stylist Phillip Bloch and hairstylist Diane Gardner.

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