Prom Makeover

We'll show a young lady that she doesn't have to overdo the hair and makeup to look her best, even for an event like prom.

Expert - Cynthia Bergstrom
Expert - Stephen Mancuso
Expert - Fawn Green
Tip - Prom by Cynthia
Tip - Prom by Fawn

Adolescence is all about testing boundaries, having fun and being carefree. But sometimes even the loveliest young ladies can get carried away. Expressing your personal style doesn't have to make teachers and fellow students cringe, nor does it have to make parents fear for your personal safety. We'll show you how to create maximum sass with minimum crass by giving a lovely young lady a look that is appropriate to her age...just in time for Prom.

The experts for this show included costume designer Cynthia Bergstrom, hair stylist Fawn Green, and makeup expert Stephen Mancuso.

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