Jetsetter Beauty

We're going to show our "gal-on-the-go" a few secrets to keep her looking her best no matter where she travels.

Expert - Cynthia Bergstrom
Expert - Kathleen Lewis
Tip - Travel by Cynthia
Tip - Travel by Kathleen

Shyama, this week's makeover volunteer, does a lot of travelling to international film festivals. She's all over the map, and works insane hours. How can a regular gal on the go become a jetsetter beauty? Our expert will show her everything she needs--from what to pack, to how to walk off that plane looking positively first-class. And, as an added tip for our jetsetter, we'll show her how to stay gorgeous around the clock when she's working hard every day and partying like a rockstar every night.

This week's experts are acclaimed costume designer Cynthia Bergstrom and bath and body trendsetter Kathleen Lewis.

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