Vegas Wedding: From Quick to Quality

We're showing a couple how to take A Vegas Wedding from quick to quality, giving them the wedding of their dreams.

Expert - Kathleen Lewis

Our couple needs to get married. Fast. They're going to Vegas, but they want something more than a Blue Hawaiian Elvis Wedding. Fortunately, our friends at Paris, Las Vegas are here to help. We'll show this lucky what not to do, while giving them the Vegas Wedding that they'll proudly remember forever.

Paris Las Vegas celebrates the romance, and excitement of the European City of Light. From its dramatic 50-story replica of the Eiffel Tower to carefully crafted authentic reproductions, elegant decor and superb convention facilities to its fine cuisine, boutiques and world-class entertainment, the passion, excitement and sophistication of Paris Las Vegas transports you to Europe's most romantic city.

And of course, nothing could be more romantic than getting married atop the Eiffel Tower! That's where The Paris Hotel's Wedding Coordinator, Kathi Lewis comes in. Kathi is one of those special people who has a way of helping you make your dreams come true - effortlessly. Whether it's flowers, dresses, reception or planning a spa bridal shower, you can entrust Kathi Lewis and the Paris Hotel with the most beautiful and important day of your life.

Special thanks to:
Mandara Spa
Kelly's Closet
Giles Luca, photographer
Star Flowers

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