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The Real Gilligan's Island Season Two - Season Fina
The final days for the castaways are counting down. The only thought on each castaway's mind is the quarter of a million dollars he/she could win, and everyone is reevaluating his/her relationships with the other castaways. But nothing is interfering with the friendship of Professor Tiy-E and Gilligan Shawn . Skipper Charlie has his own thoughts about the Professor and Gilligan. "Professor Tiy-E and Gilligan Shawn have bonded," Skipper Charlie remarks, after seeing the Professor shave Gilligan's chest. "It's none of my business how well they've bonded or what they do with their bond."

Meanwhile, the girls are getting down to business, deciding who they want to send off the island. "It's difficult to think about who we have to send home next," Mary Ann Randi says. "I do think that the strongest competitor is Tiy-E." Ginger Erika replies, "I just want you [Randi] to know that you do not have to worry about me."

After Professor Tiy-E and Gilligan Shawn's bonding session, they start to plan their own strategy. Gilligan Shawn says, "At this point there are only five of us left on the island, and our only hope right now is Erika or Mary Ann Randi. We are going to have to grab their vote to get rid of Skipper Charlie."

Ginger Erika cannot be easily swayed, though. The Professor and Gilligan try to convince her to vote the way they want, but Erika doesn't see eye-to-eye with them. She says, "I think right now the one thing I am clear on about my strategy is that I do not want to have an alliance with anybody."

The radio brings the castaways' scheming to an end by telling them to prepare for a reward competition. The news bothers Gilligan Shawn. "As much as I would love a reward competition, I want to start eliminating some of these schmoes," he says. "I need a quarter of a million bucks and I need to get the hell out of Dodge."

Host Scott meets the castaways on the beach. He shows them five plates of good food and movies sent from home. The castaways must make a choice between the food and the movies. There is a catch though. If a castaway chooses the food, then only he/she can eat the food. If they choose the videos, then all of them can watch their videos sent by their friends and families from home. The way they choose is by placing gold nuggets that are hidden all over the beach either onto a scale or into their own chest. If the nuggets outweigh the videos then they each can watch the videos sent from home. Whoever's chest is the heaviest in the end can eat the first real meal they have had in weeks.

Ginger, the Professor, and Gilligan all go for the movies. Mary Ann and the Skipper go for the food. The three place enough gold nuggets on the scale to tip it their direction, so everyone wins the home videos. Mary Ann and the Skipper now have a face off between who gets the food. The Skipper beats Mary Ann Randi and wins his plate of food. Gilligan Shawn is happy to see Skipper Charlie win over Mary Ann Randi. He says, "I was happy to see that Skipper Charlie got the food over Mary Ann Randi. Anytime anyone on the face of the planet gets something over Mary Ann Randi makes me happy."   [video]

They all sit around after the competition and watch Skipper Charlie eat his meal. Skipper Charlie claims that he has no one at home, so that is why he went for the food. "As far as life in the real world, I am pretty much out there all alone," he confesses. "I've never been married and I got no kids, so I have to deal with every situation by myself on any given day. And I try not to rely on anyone else."

That night, all of the castaways sit down and watch their videos that their friends and families made for them. Every one of the castaways gets emotional and feels homesick after they watch their video. Even Skipper Charlie had a video from friends back at the marina.

Emotions fade as the night goes on, and it does not take long for the castaways to resume the habit of recruiting. Professor Tiy-E tries to convince Skipper Charlie to unite with him and Gilligan Shawn. Skipper Charlie shows no sign of where he is leaning and goes on to bed.

The next morning, Gilligan Shawn and Skipper Charlie show the first signs of getting along since they've been on the island. Skipper Charlie thinks that Gilligan has the hots for Mary Ann Randi. Gilligan thinks otherwise. He says, "I like nothing about Randi. Randi, to me, is a miserable person who brings down everybody and has absolutely nothing nice to say ever."

The radio interrupts Gilligan and the Skipper's bonding experience and sends the castaways to the lagoon for a safety competition. Professor Tiy-E worries about the lagoon. Not only has he almost drowned at the lagoon, but he has also sat out of a competition there. He confesses, "First of all, the place gives me the creeps. The lagoon for Professor Tiy-E is like Superman and Kryptonite. This devil is not my cup of tea."

Host Scott meets the castaways at the lagoon and tells them that they have to dive for objects that are in the water. The castaway who does not bring up an object is eliminated and the process continues. Host Scott then gives Professor Tiy-E a life-preserver and the competition begins.

Professor Tiy-E is not able to find the first object and he is eliminated from the competition, and the next one begins. Gilligan Shawn is unable to find the next object and he's eliminated. Skipper Charlie is able to bring up the last object and wins the life-preserver.   [video]

Afterwards, the four castaways who are on the chopping block are getting worried. Gilligan Shawn tries to convince the Skipper to vote against Mary Ann Randi, because she is his major competition at the lagoon. Gilligan and the Professor then try to win Erika over. Ginger Erika begins to worry about her promise to Randi. She says, "I'm really having a hard time again. I told Mary Ann Randi not to worry that she was safe with me, and my word means everything to me."

The castaways go to Voodoo Village and meet Host Scott. Host Scott counts the votes and reveals that Mary Ann Randi has to leave the island.   [video]

The night continues with the remaining four discussing how attractive Mary Ann Randi is. Gilligan Shawn says, "Physically a six, personality a zero." He then rates Ginger Erika and disappoints her by giving her an eight. Gilligan Shawn then goes to bed, somehow making the only woman on the island mad at him.   [video]

The morning comes and Gilligan Shawn finds that without Mary Ann Randi there to rip on, he's bored. He tries on Ginger Erika's make-up and jewelry to pass the time. Ginger Erika walks in on Gilligan parading around in her jewelry. He quickly stammers, "I usually don't dress up in women's clothing."   [video]

The radio saves Gilligan Shawn from anymore embarrassment. It sends them to the beach for their final safety competition. Host Scott reveals that they have to walk across boards to a plank. If they fall off they are out of the competition. When they reach the plank, they have to balance themselves until someone falls off.

Both Professor Tiy-E and Ginger Erika run out of time and are eliminated from the competition. Finally, after a dramatic wait, Skipper Charlie falls off the planks and leaves the life-preserver for Gilligan Shawn.   [video]

Winning the life-preserver gets to Gilligan's head, and Professor Tiy-E starts to get irritated. He says, "Shawn is feeling a little hot after his victory, and I don't have a problem with that. But he's getting a little cocky." Gilligan Shawn has his own thoughts about Tiy-E. He explains, "Professor Tiy-E suspects that I am going to vote his way. But I am also thinking that he's my toughest competition."

Shawn then moves to the fire and tries to work Ginger Erika. He wants her to vote against Skipper Charlie. He says, "Skipper Charlie has got guts, and he's got a lot of balls. He's the type of guy you don't want to slip into finals with you."

The castaways go to Voodoo Village and cast their votes. Host Scott counts a tie between Skipper Charlie and Professor Tiy-E. The decision is made by counting the total votes against each castaway throughout the weeks. Professor Tiy-E had more votes against him through the weeks, so he is banished from the island.   [video]

The last morning that the castaways will spend together arrives, and the three of them are quite emotional. Gilligan Shawn says, "Although Skipper Charlie gets on my nerves, I've come to love Skipper Charlie." Skipper Charlie smiles and says, "I feel like I've already won a quarter of a million dollars in memories."

The radio chirps for the last time and tells them to report to the campfire. Host Scott tells them that there is a helicopter flying above the island and that they must get its attention. He hands a map to each of them. They must follow the map to a different set of challenges that they must complete.

The map leads them into their huts to find a shovel. Gilligan Shawn is the first to find his shovel and he runs to the next challenge. Meanwhile, Skipper Charlie finds his shovel and catches up to Gilligan. He notices that Gilligan Shawn is quite a bit ahead of him. Gilligan Shawn is already a few feet down in the sand, when Skipper Charlie begins to dig. Skipper Charlie says, "When I went through that gate and saw Gilligan Shawn shoveling that box out, I knew I had to get busy."

Before Gilligan Shawn realizes it, Skipper Charlie is running to the beach with his box to light the fire. Gilligan Shawn soon joins Skipper Charlie and tries to light his fire before Charlie can. Skipper Charlie lights his fire and then his torch. He walks out to the floating helicopter pad and lights the flares indicating his victory.   [video]

Skipper Charlie says, "When I fired those flares up, it was the prettiest orange I've ever seen. When I heard that chopper it was the sweetest sound that I've heard all my life."   [video]

Gilligan Shawn isn't as happy. He says, "When I saw Skipper Charlie jumping up and down with those flares in his hand I was thinking oh my goodness it's all over. Erika and I are standing on the beach and it's a pretty crappy feeling."

Movie Star Erika Eleniak thinks that Skipper Charlie deserves the victory. She says, "Out of all fourteen of us, Skipper Charlie had the best attitude out of any of us. Charlie never once complained about anything. Not one ration, not one bug bite."

Skipper Charlie leaves by saying, "I'll never forget this. I'll never regret anything. I think it's one of the greatest things that has ever happened to me."
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