Age-appropriate Fashion

Expert Lloyd Boston was kind enough to provide the following fashion tips:

In Your 20's:
  • Let them roar! Many women look back at their twenty-something bodies, and wish they had more fashion fun when carbs didn't matter! So work your assets while you have them, playing with color, shine, and flirty separates.
  • Find essentials in these years; your perfect jean cut, your ideal backless dress, and that killer skirt suit that keeps all eyes on you. Once you identify these perfect items, you may push yourself to always fit into them.
  • Good style habits start in this decade, and stay with you.

Your 30's
  • Scary for some, liberating for others. Your wardrobe should reflect this balance. Invest in 'power' items, which reflect your every mood. From new mom to 'main squeeze', put quality before quantity--unlike your twenties.
  • The style classics should outweigh the trends. From an updated cashmere sweater set, to a fits-like-a-glove pair of leather pants for THOSE nights.
  • Keep an eye on the younger set, but your feet planted in top quality shoes.

In Your 40's
  • Style clarity comes at this juncture. You have seen and tried many trends, soared in some, crashed and burned in others. Take your sage fashion wisdom to the mall with you at all times.
  • Select figure flattering clothes that celebrate your ever-changing shape. Correct undergarments can be your best-friend, so if you haven't seen a specialist--these are the years to get the right fit secured.
  • When dressing up, pop neutral suits with unexpected bright underpinnings, grab fun, flirty handbags and shoes to accent.
  • Find your BEST feature and put it on a pedestal. If it is only your ankles, if you got 'em--flaunt 'em.

In Your 50's
  • Designer Michael Kors once said, "If you had great legs at 20, you'll have them at 50!" He is so right! These years are about comfort and elegance--and contrary to many sweat-panted moms, these can go hand-in-hand.
  • Fabrics like cashmere (you've earned it), merino wool (an inexpensive cousin to cashmere), and silks should be your holy trinity. For instance, sweats can be plush, made in velour at the very least, and when worn with sparkly flats, you are a host who can actually enjoy the party.
  • Take heel heights down, but keep them bright--just keep one killer high pair for anniversary nights.

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