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The Real Gilligan's Island - Season Finale
It's the eleventh hour and Gilligan Chris and his gang are hungry--literally--for the rescue and the prize. This episode, loyalties, promises and stomachs alike are tested as the remaining five fight for safety from the evening's eliminations. After Ginger Rachel's goodbyes the night before, the group realizes that it's a new game when the new day begins.

"I was happy about the decision I made last night about voting for [Millionaire] Mrs. Stearns because it wasn't forced in any way; it was my own decision," admits Gilligan Chris. Meanwhile, in their huts, the Millionaire Glenn and Mindy Stearns continue to strategize. The two wake up the next morning still discussing whom they can get to eliminate whom, carried over from the night before. "What [Millionaire] Glenn is saying is that we have three different options: We can get Mary Ann [Kate] to vote for Skipper [Jim] or Skipper [Jim] to vote for Mary Ann [Kate] or Gilligan [Chris] to vote for Skipper [Jim]. I just can't see Gilligan [Chris] voting for Skipper [Jim] or Mary Ann [Kate]; he loves Skipper [Jim] and he adores Mary Ann [Kate]," explains Millionaire Mindy. Mary Ann Kate, however, isn't feeling as safe from Gilligan Chris's elimination as Millionaire Mindy thinks she should. "Seeing how [Gilligan] Chris is voting like crazy and for whoever he wants, who knows what's going to happen," Mary Ann Kate fears.

The Millionaire Stearns continue to go back and forth with each other about the best approach to being the last two standing. Frustrated, Millionaire Glenn goes fishing and then to find Mary Ann Kate to confirm her agreement to stay in alliance with himself and his wife. "I will go with her on either the Skipper Jim or Gilligan Chris because I think she will live up to what she tells me and that will get one of them off and assure me that my wife and I will stay on," says Millionaire Glenn. Mary Ann Kate agrees to stick with the Millionaire Stearns before the radio interrupts to let the castaways know they will need to meet at the picnic table.

The five meet host Scott Lasky--and plates of their favorite foods--at the picnic table for their next challenge. The excitement for their desired meals was short lived as the castaways watch each plate be dumped into a blender. Scott pours the chunky fluid into cups for each of them to down by the allotted time. The prize? Each will get the real version of his or her dream dinner, but only if the group finishes their cups. "When I found out I'd have to drink a crazy concoction of everyone's favorite food, it made me sick," admits Millionaire Glenn. Skipper Jim counters saying, "I had no problem drinking a blend of everyone's food. It is all going to the same place." Mary Ann Kate chimes in, "As Scott Lasky poured the cups, it sounded like vomit hitting the toilet."

The group takes their cups and tries to drink the strange mixture. "It just smelled like trash. the texture was inconsistent; it had that disgusting sewage smell to it," Gilligan Chris grimaces. "I got a little bit of shrimp tail. I was chewing on it and I tried to pretend it was stew," adds Millionaire Mindy. Skipper Jim is the only castaway who doesn't have a hard time with his portion. "I didn't know why everyone had a problem swallowing it. I wanted to experience it. I never had ten or twelve things in my mouth; I enjoyed it," he says. Millionaire Glenn is repulsed saying, "I have a problem with bodily fluids and it looked like throw up." The five finish their cups and are dismissed with the happy thoughts of good food to come.

All of the castaways head back to camp to enjoy their dinner and fellowship--before Millionaire Glenn breaks into the laughter with more strategizing. "It was a little frustrating that no one really wanted to talk about the game," laments Millionaire Glenn. During the dinner conversation, Mary Ann Kate laughs about being a great actress which makes Millionaire Glenn nervous about her alliance--again.

"I probably should vote on my own too," says Mary Ann Kate to Gilligan Chris hesitantly as the two split off from the group to discuss Mary Ann Kate changing her mind--to Millionaire Glenn's chagrin. Gilligan Chris listens to her dilemma and tries to be supportive of her choices. "I was tempted to throw a few ideas into Mary Ann Kate's head but I didn't because I didn't want to play the game that way. The decision that would benefit Mary Ann Kate the most, though, would be to break up the [Millionaire] Stearns," admits Gilligan Chris. Everyone talks about the game well into the night.

The castaways wake up the next morning to the crackle of the radio instructing them to meet at the Lagoon. Once the five greet Scott Lasky, they learn they must dive for items in a deep-sea scavenger hunt--for fewer objects than there are people playing the game. Skipper Jim is the first eliminated because he misses the starfish, Mary Ann Kate doesn't get one of the three treasure chests, Millionaire Glenn misses the ship in a bottle and Gilligan Chris is just short of grabbing the ship's wheel. Once again, Millionaire Mindy wins safety from elimination.

The group trudges slowly back to camp with the trip to Voodoo Village looming ahead. Millionaire Glenn and Mindy go right back to strategizing, with Millionaire Glenn's first steps headed towards Gilligan Chris. He continues to try to convince Gilligan Chris that being a part of a group is not synonymous with the inability to think for yourself. Gilligan Chris is not convinced saying, "I think [Millionaire] Mr. Stearns realized he needed my alliance to stay in this game. Unfortunately my strategy doesn't have room for that."

The conversation is halted by Skipper Jim's entrance. "I tend to find myself in situations where I walk into a group where the conversation ceases or changes direction as if they don't want me to be a part. I look at these little things, I weigh them out," he says. After his conversation with Millionaire Glenn, Gilligan Chris discusses his plans with Mary Ann Kate while Skipper Jim gets an earful from Millionaire Glenn about why he should not vote for his elimination. "[Millionaire] Mr. Stearns runs a multi-million dollar corporation and I'm sure he has a good time in the office but here is a different ball game. People play mind games but they don't usually work with me," Skipper Jim challenges.

Unsuccessful, Millionaire Glenn heads to Voodoo Village with the rest of the group for the next elimination. The five meets host Scott Lasky to be reminded of the rules for voting. Once each has selected his or her choice for elimination, Scott Lasky counts the votes: Millionaire Glenn gets two votes and Skipper Jim is banished with three. "Gilligan Chris and Mary Ann Kate are still growing. They may still be at a disadvantage with someone that's twice their age and has been in the business world. That's going to hurt them, but if they get taken advantage of, maybe they deserve to be."

Skipper Jim's words couldn't be more prophetic as Gilligan Chris struggles to figure out why Mary Ann Kate went with the Millionaire Stearns' suggestion to vote off Skipper Jim. "I think Mary Ann Kate made the wrong decision. This might be one of the last times that we could vote off [Millionaire] Mr. Stearns. Voting to keep a multi-millionaire in a game with a cash prize over a working-class guy like Skipper Jim is just ignorant." Mary Ann Kate, sure her decision would ruffle feathers admits, "I knew Gilligan Chris would be upset because I had the option to save his buddy and I didn't. It all came down to 'do I break an alliance for money or not?' and I decided no money is worth my word."

Back at camp, Gilligan Chris and Mary Ann Kate hash out her decision to vote off Skipper Jim at the insistence of the Millionaire Stearns. Mary Ann Kate continues to debate that she voted the way she did because she made a promise and she wanted to play the game with integrity. Gilligan Chris is not swayed by her argument, insisting that she had plenty of time to break her alliance so that she wouldn't have to break promises. "I'm still annoyed about Mary Ann Kate's decision to vote off a good guy who could have used the money with her argument being she was bound by her word--which she had plenty of time to change." The two come to the decision to work together to be the final ones standing. "No matter what I said or how I reacted to Mary Ann Kate, she still needs me in this competition and we're still going to have to work together to benefit," says Gilligan Chris.

The next morning, frustrated and upset with their argument the night before, Mary Ann Kate heads over to Millionaire Mindy and Glenn's hut to vent about Gilligan Chris--unaware that the couple is working to break hers and Gilligan Chris's bond. "I will do everything I can to break that relationship up. I hope Gilligan [Chris] questioning Mary Ann Kate's integrity works to my advantage. We're trying to pull a coup on him--oust him by having Mary Ann Kate come over. I'm going to figure a way to lure that woman out of that hut at all cost," plots Millionaire Glenn.

The Millionaire Stearns listen to Mary Ann Kate's woes while trying to get her to join them in voting against Gilligan Chris. "Gilligan Chris and I decided we would take each other to the final two, now I don't know; I'm really confused. I do have bonds with all of the people here so I'm going to have to break one of them. I thought yesterday I was stuck and now it is worse," worries Mary Ann Kate. She leaves the Millionaire Stearns' hut to talk to Gilligan Chris.

Meanwhile, Millionaire Mindy and Glenn plan to play Gilligan Chris and Mary Ann Kate against each other. The four are interrupted by the radio informing them to meet at the Lagoon--for the last safety competition. "The message on the radio is that TODAY is the final safety competition there isn't another one after this. All the stakes have now changed," observes Millionaire Mindy.

At the Lagoon, host Scott Lasky informs the four of the rules for their final safety game and that winner takes all in the rescue competition the next day. "Prior to today's game, if Gilligan [Chris] didn't win, the [Millionaire] Stearns were going to promise me that we were all on an even playing field when it comes to voting tomorrow. Today we come into this competition and find out tomorrow is another game and winner takes all so they're not saving me from anything anymore," realizes Mary Ann Kate.

The group learns that they will have to stand on a plank and begin answering questions about their fellow castaways. Whoever gets the answer wrong has to step closer to the end of the plank. Those left standing enter a competition of sheer will power; every five minutes each must move closer to the edge. Gilligan Chris is the first to fall, then Millionaire Glenn, leaving Mary Ann Kate and Millionaire Mindy to battle for safety. Over thirty minutes later--after the two realize that talking wasn't going to break either's concentration--Mary Ann Kate strikes a deal that if Millionaire Mindy jumps off the plank, she will ensure she makes it to the final three. Millionaire Mindy accepts--without the knowledge that her deal does not include her husband's safety.

In their hut, Millionaire Glenn realizes the deal doesn't make him free from elimination so he and Millionaire Mindy set out to convince Mary Ann Kate that she still owes her alliance to the two of them. Gilligan Chris convinces Mary Ann Kate, however, that it would be best for her to call all bets off with the Millionaire Stearns. When Mary Ann Kate goes to talk to Millionaire Glenn and Mindy, Gilligan Chris hears the angry tone in Millionaire Glenn's voice so he goes over to the group to keep the couple from ganging up on Mary Ann Kate. An argument ensues and the shouting match combined with the pressure of keeping her word sends Mary Ann Kate to tears. "Take your job and shove it. You can't buy me," yells Gilligan Chris angrily before the group heads over to Voodoo Village for the final elimination.

After host Scott Lasky greets the group with instructions, the four make their votes: Millionaire Mindy gets one, Millionaire Glenn gets one and Gilligan Chris is banished with two. "All [Mary Ann] Kate had to do was vote for [Millionaire] Mr. Stearns and it would have created a tie but she couldn't even do that, even after she looked me right in the eye minutes before the actual vote. She promised me she was going to vote for [Millionaire] Mr. Stearns." Mary Ann Kate offers a different explanation saying, "I guess by voting for [Millionaire] Mrs. Stearns tonight I put a gun to Gilligan Chris's head but I promised I would never put his doll in the box and I didn't."

The three remaining wake up the next morning after elimination and reflect on their time on the island before they are interrupted by a visit from host Scott Lasky. The host explains to the group that they must attract the attention of a hovering helicopter by lighting flares on a platform they get to by following directions on a series of maps. The castaways start out using their first maps which lead them to a small area with wooden boards they must use to create 'SOS' signs. Millionaire Mindy finishes her sign first but has trouble finding her map and the shovel she must use at the next stop. Millionaire Glenn creates his sign after Millionaire Mindy but finds his next map and shovel so he heads off to the next point and is in the lead. Mary Ann Kate trails behind, having first had trouble finding her stop then creating her letters.

Once he arrives at the second point, Millionaire Glenn digs furiously until he is able to use all of his strength to work the chest--containing a torch and the map to the next stop--free. Millionaire Mindy isn't far behind as she uses her hands to dig effortlessly at the sand to then pull out her treasure chest. Mary Ann Kate continues to trail behind as she becomes tired and almost unable to get to her torch and map. Millionaire Glenn remains in the lead as he lights his torch and begins to swim to the plank with the flares--until he sees his wife in the water not far behind. Millionaire Glenn pushes on, hops onto the plank, lights his flares and the helicopter sails down to carry him off into victory.

Millionaire Mindy swims back to shore where Mary Ann Kate is laying in the sand crying at her loss, exhausted and frustrated. Once she collects herself, Mary Ann Kate joins Millionaire Mindy in waving to Millionaire Glenn as he heads off to claim his money and his new car.

Don't miss the next exciting season as The Professor, Ginger, Mary Ann, Gilligan, The Skipper and The Millionaires compete to be rescued from The Real Gilligan's Island!
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