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He's a Lady - Albert
age: 21
hometown: Birmingham, AL
marital status: Living with girlfriend of five years
children: None
occupation: Driving Range Assistant
height/weight: 5' 11" / 165 lbs.

profile notes:
• Albert is smooth, sweet, loving, charming, sneaky and funny. Don't let the young age fool you. Albert is like an old soul in a young person's body. It's his Southern charm and quirky facial expressions that draw you in without you even knowing it and make you trust and like him.

• Albert has also been a loving boyfriend to Diana for 5 years. Albert says that he has found his match because Diana is him in a woman's form. How lucky is he?

• Albert will bring an amazing energy to the house as he will be everyone's friend in the beginning by fooling them with his na´ve charm and then BAM! They won't even see it coming.

What will he do with the money?
Albert and Diana would pay off Albert's mom's bills and take a long-needed vacation.

Why will he do it?
Don't let the young looks fool you--Albert is smart way beyond his years. He is a thinker and has a strategy to win. With his youthful attitude and carefree spirit, Albert is eager to win this title and will play hard to get it, no matter what it takes.
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