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Outback Jack - Questions for Jack
Thousands of questions were submitted for Jack and the final two ladies by fans around the world! Did your burning question get answered? Check out Jack's answers below, then find out what Natalie and Marissa had to say!

"After the show ended, did you think you may have sent the wrong girl away at some point? If so, who?" (Sabrina from Austin, TX)
Maybe Shannon.

"Was there anything that wasn't shown on TV that you wish was?" (Nicole from Dunedin, FL)
There was a lot that they didn't show, I guess they didn't have the time to put it all in.

"Have you been watching the show? If you have, does it change your mind about who you picked to see all the behind-the-scenes catty comments the girls made about each other?" (Kymberli from Lynchburg, VA)
I've only watched a few shows, but I wouldn't change a thing.

"What moment made you decide to put your trust in Marissa?" (Kelly from Mississauga)
No real moment. I mean, when can you really trust anyone?

"Why did you give your necklace to Natalie?" (Jamie from Oakhurst, CA)
Because she asked for it!

"What do you admire most about each of the final two girls?" (Kelli from Tallassee, AL)
Marissa's strength, Natalie's smile.

"Did you know what a huge success reality television is in America when you signed up to do Outback Jack?" (Ashley from Sheffield, PA)
Not really.

"Were Maria's strong sexual advances and her constant criticism of Marissa a factor in her being cut?" (Kimberly from Pecks Mill, WV)
No, Maria was a darling. I wish I could explain.

"If the girl you choose decided that she would prefer living in the city rather than in the Outback, what would you do and why?" (Michelle from Bathurst)
I would do what she felt best doing, because that's what a real man does.

"What is the first thing that attracts you to a woman?" (Monique from Corner Brook) Her smile.

"Do you want to settle down and be a family man, or do you still want thrills and adventure? Did your choice reflect this?" (Anjanette from Kenosha, WI)
Yes, I want to be a family man. I guess that would be an adventure in itself.

"Were you surprised by the depth of your feelings for the women after only knowing them for a short time?" (Allyson from Chandler, AZ)
Not really, that's the way I am: friendly and emotional.

"Once you choose, where will you and the chosen lady prefer to get to know each other? Stateside or in Australia?" (Michele from Mariette, GA)
Where she feels best, if it all works out...

"You had to choose one lady out of an incredibly diverse group of amazing young women, only to be forced to wait to pursue a possible relationship. How easy will it be to pick up where you left off without the cameras rolling?" (Angel from Levant, ME)
No drama--we speak everyday.

"When seeing the girls individually, did you feel like you were cheating on or back-stabbing the other girls?" (Katrina from Irmo, SC)
Yes, I felt unfaithful. But I didn't feel like I ever back-stabbed.

"If you had met either Natalie or Marissa in normal circumstances do you think you would have been attracted to and started a relationship with either of the two?" (Jessica from Pasadena, CA)
Who knows?

"If it doesn't happen to work out with the woman that you pick, would you contact any of the others?" (Ellen from Des Plaines, IL)
I'm not sure, but I very much doubt it.

"With all the editing that goes into this show, are you surprised at how each person is portrayed, or is it a fairly accurate portrayal of everyone's personality?" (Heather from Bend, OR)
It's pretty fair, they can only portray what you give them.

"What was the funniest thing that happened on the show?" (Rhonda from St. Amant, LA)
Watching the gals try to survive.

"Did your conversation with your mom influence your decision about which women you invited to stay?" (Belinda from Eagle Rock, MO)
A little.

"Would you be willing to relocate in order to continue your relationship with the lady that you choose in the end?" (Carla from Houma, LA)

"Was there any point where you thought that you had already made your mind up as far as who you wanted to be with you in the end?" (Brandy from Forest City, NC)
Yes and no. There's so much going through your head, it's hard to know what's going on.

"We all had a chance to see your mother on TV (wonderful woman). Where is your father, Does he play a role in your life?" (Bonnie from West Bend, WI)
Dad passed away.

"When you've watched the show as it has been airing--knowing your choice had already been made--was it hard to see the way certain girls behaved behind your back? Did it make you question some of your decisions?" (Melinda from Valencia, CA)

"It's very apparent that almost every reality show couple breaks up soon after the show is over. Do you truly believe in the validity of finding your true love on a reality show?" (Alexandra from San Francisco, CA)
That's just personal, it's very situational.

"Every woman on this adventure has been on Marissa because she's not a team player. Has this actually increased your feelings for Marissa, knowing that she is only there to be with you and not the other women?" (Sandi from Redding, CA)
I always stand up for the underdog, so yes.

"From the first day of meeting the girls to the last day, did it impress you how tough, brave and strong the girls turned out to be?" (Dawna from Englewood, CA)
Yes it did. But at the same time, I knew they would.

"How do you feel in general about American women?" (April from New York)
I feel great about American women!

"Jack, you said you were having a hard time trusting Marissa, yet why did you choose her over Maria? Were you having a hard time trusting Maria too?" (Melissa from Plattsburgh, NY)
If only you knew. I wish I could tell ya, kiddo.

"The show really kept us viewers on our toes with all its surprises. What surprised you the most about being on the show?" (Tatiana from Westford, MA)
My patience.

"It may be a funny question, but have you ever met Steve Irwin (The Crocodile Hunter)?" (Kara from Crofton, MD)
No, I have not. But I would love to.

"What is it about Marissa that has you so intrigued with her that makes you feel she may be the one?" (Susana)
Did you watch the show?
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