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King of the Nerds - Finale Letter

Dear Fans of King of the Nerds:

Before descending into our annual swamp of eggnog and mince pie, we would like to address an issue regarding the season finale episode of the upcoming Season 2 of King of the Nerds.

Now we know what you're thinking: "The Season Finale?! We haven't seen the Premiere episode yet!!"

Stay with us. All will become clear.

People are always asking us -- well, someone did the other day -- "What do you guys have planned for the season finale this time? I mean, don't get us wrong. We loved the show, the nerds were great, the challenges were awesome and the two of you in particular have never looked more youthful and sophisticated. But, truth be told, we didn't care for the ending so much. I mean, after weeks of bracing, inspiring, highly intellectual -- not to mention funny and heartwarming -- nerd challenges, the winner wound up being decided by a POPULARITY CONTEST? What was that all about?"

(We should mention that some of your comments were phrased a little differently, but you get the idea.)

Much as we would love to let the dead past bury its dead, we feel compelled to respond to our fans and, we like to think, to our future fans. The reasons for ending the show the way we did last season were highly complex and terribly technical. King Celeste has ruled with wisdom and benevolence, and her people are happy people. But, really, what were nerds doing in a popularity contest at all? Historically, nerds never win popularity contests. It's just not in our skill-set.

Well, you, our beloved fans, spoke. And when the dust settled, we found ourselves sitting there in the ruins of the old Nerdvana swearing we would never end the show like that again.

So this year it's going to be different. Really different. We cannot go into details, but the challenge we have devised to determine who will be King of the Nerds is imaginative, intricate, complex and generally brain-breaking. In other words, it is a challenge chock full of good, old-fashioned Nerd values. And you can't ask for more than that. (Well, you can ask for more than that, but that's what you're getting.)

Believe us, you will NOT be disappointed!

See you January 23rd on TBS. Nerds Rule!

Curtis Armstrong and Robert Carradine
Executive Producers and Hosts of King of the Nerds