king of the nerds RETURNS IN 2015
King of the Nerds RETURNS IN 2015


Jack is a bioengineering student and fencing and chess champion. He enjoys watching anime in Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese and Japanese.

Contestant Questionnaire:

Nerds or Runts: Nerds

Pizza or Chinese food delivery: Chinese

Star Trek or Star Wars: Pass (Futurama!) Apparently, I can get ostracized for not seeing either. Where is the DnD vs. Magic: the Gathering question?!

Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead or Battlestar Galactica: Game of Thrones by a mile

PlayStation, Xbox, Wii or PC: PlayStation

World of Warcraft or Call of Duty: I don’t play non-Magic: the Gathering online games

BioShock Infinite or Fez: DK/DC

Math or Science: Why is that a question??? They are entwined subject matters, and you really can appreciate Math without the scientific advancements it led to and you can’t appreciate Science without the Math that forms its backbone.

Edison or Tesla: Edison. Both contributed greatly to science and engineering, but at the end of the day, one guy died admired, rich, and loved, and the other died alone, broke, and paranoid of a Martian takeover

Sharpies or Bics: uhhhhh……..

Comic-con or Dragon Con: can’t say, haven’t been to either

Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit? Hobbit book, but Lord of the Rings movie

Vine or Instagram Video: I am an old geezer inside. I have no clue what either of those do.

Mac or PC: LINUX!

Marvel or DC Comics: I really don’t care

Droid, iPhone or Blackberry: Android. Its Linux!

Asteroids or Ms. PacMan: Asteroids

What character would you be in Mario Kart? Luigi, the overlooked sidekick

Which family would you belong to in Game of Thrones? Stark, Lannister or Targaryen? Lannister, then Baratheon. Definitely not Targaryen.

If you have a pet (what they are and what their name is): No pets

The one celebrity/icon (past/present) you would have wanted on your team on the show: N/A

What planet other than Earth would you live on? Uranus (lol). But to be honest, I was fascinated by Uranus as a kid due to its tilt before I knew what the name meant. All in all, Uranus is full of Methane, and it would be a nice place to visit, but I don’t know how long I would last in there.]

Which house would you belong in Harry Potter? Hufflypuffy

IQ Score: over 9000?? (I really don’t know)

Aliens – Exist or Myth: We know they exist from meteorite evidence, but are rather unremarkable being microbes and such.

Favorite Superhero: L (he could use the death note to kill superman, but wouldn’t because he’s such a cool guy unlike Light)

Favorite Video Game: Chrono Cross (just beating out the trigger)

Favorite TV Show: Game of Thrones

Favorite Movie: Like I watch Movies ^_^ I really like How to Train your Dragon

Favorite Musician or Band: Las estadisticas dicen que escucho a La Quinta Estacion (My guilty Spanish Love/Heartbreak band)

Favorite Musical Instrument: Piano, the only one I can somewhat play

Favorite Book: Any Agatha Christie book

Favorite Game Show: If not KOTN, then Jeopardy

Favorite Doctor from Doctor Who: let me roll my dodecahedron…

Favorite King of the Nerds contestant from last season: virgil… Virgil! VIRGIL!!!!

If you were trapped on a desert island what three items would you bring?
  • Fencing gear
  • Magic cards
  • A beautiful lady who fenced and played magic
If you could have a dinner party with three people (alive/dead) whom would you choose?
  • Tim Duncan
  • Kate Micucci
  • Genghis Khan