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King of the Nerds RETURNS JANUARY 23

episode guide

  • In Search of a King

    season 2: episode 1: In Search of a King

    A new, amazing set of Nerds settle into a bigger and better Nerdvana to compete in the ultimate quest to be crowned King Of The Nerds and win $100,000.

  • Weird ... Science?

    season 2: episode 2: Weird ... Science?

    The Nerds discover their war rooms and put their knowledge of science to the test. But what will guest judges Bill Nye, Mayim Bialik and Blake Marggraff think of their explosive experiments? The game intensifies.

  • To Larp or Not To Larp

    season 2: episode 3: To Larp or Not To Larp

    While preparing for the LARP (live-action role play) Nerd War, one nerd's antics begin to tear his team apart. Can they come together in time to wow guest judges Jon Heder, Yaya Han and Kevin Sorbo? "Mighty Mike" Michael Murga and "Wee Matt" Matt McCarthy guest star.

  • Ready, Set, Robot Dodgeball

    season 2: episode 4: Ready, Set, Robot Dodgeball

    The teams are evened out as they must build robots to compete in "Robot Dodgeball." A Mech from TNT's Falling Skies visits Nerdvana, and an alliance is shattered in the Nerd Off against a horde of familiar zombies. Matt Winston, co-founder of the Stan Winston School, guest stars.

  • Trek Wars

    season 2: episode 5: Trek Wars

    The Nerds debate an age-old question in front of guest judges Kumail Nanjiani and Billy Dee Williams. But one Nerd's revelation that he has never seen either Star Wars or Star Trek could undo everything.

  • Nerds to the Rescue

    season 2: episode 6: Nerds to the Rescue

    The two teams must navigate a laser maze to save guest star George Takei. One team finds itself in unfamiliar territory, leading to a fight for survival ... in space.

  • Angry Nerds

    season 2: episode 7: Angry Nerds

    The teams are dissolved as the Nerds enter a live-action video racing game. In the Nerd Off, two friends reluctantly do battle in a game of Angry Nerds.

  • One Nerd to Rule Them All

    season 2: episode 8: One Nerd to Rule Them All

    The banished Nerds return as the final two battle for supremacy in a gauntlet of nerdy games. In the end, a new King of the Nerds will be crowned.