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Steve:  "OK, we all agree you two are the best singers we've got."
Owen:  "I sense a 'but' coming."
Jack:  "But when you sing dirty songs to each other and people find out you're mother and son, they throw up and then we lose."
Roy:  "Come on! For as much money as we spend here, maybe once in a while, we could get something for free!"
Ok Cha:  "Hey! Don't you use the F-word in here!"
Darryl:  "Ah, I think I'm giving you the wrong impression. I'm straight. I knew I couldn't pull off a v-neck!"
Owen:  "No, I'm straight, too. And you are totally pulling off that v-neck. In fact, there's a lady back there that wants to pull that v-neck off you."
Ahmed:  "Let's just man up, bite the bullet, find some money, and pay our tabs."
Roy:  "This is what we owe her."
Ahmed:  "How about we hit her with a boot jack, throw her in the trunk, and dump her by the oil rigs?"
Owen:  "Hey, Steve, you seen my mom?"
Steve:  "She's over there with Darryl."
Owen:  "Ah, poor guy. That's her break-up move."
Steve:  "I'm not sure that's what's going on here."
Owen:  "Trust me, Steve. Mom's got a dating rule. Three dates and out. Then she's home in time for Scooby-Doo and hot chocolate with her main man."
Owen:  "I'm running away from home."
Steve:  "You're 30. At your age, it's called moving out."

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