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Roy:  "Give me a break! This [caramel corn] is healthy. Corn is a vegetable. Peanuts: protein. The caramel's high in fat. It's basically a salad in a box."
Owen:  "Hey Steve, what do you think? I'm looking for a job, and there's something here for a computer company that intrigues me. Now, aside from porn, what is the internet?"
Owen:  "That's not funny, Ahmed! I hit my head! My head's different than everybody else's!"
Roy:  "Yeah, it's bigger, and there's less in it."
Ok Cha:  "You gotta get that baby out of there as quickly as possible. I was lucky. You had a tiny little head, and delicate little hips. You slipped right out, like a bar of soap."
Steve:  "Thanks for sharing."
Ok Cha:  "If your dad didn't catch you in his apron, you would've slipped right into the jukebox."
Jack:  "You guys need to grow up and stop with this pranking crap. You're all a bunch of man babies. Why, when I was your age, I had already fought in a war."
Hank:  "Me too!"
Jack:  "I had two kids!"
Hank:  "Me too!"
Jack:  "I had a mortgage!"
Hank:  "Me too!"
Jack:  "And I didn't sit around in a bar, drinking all day!"
Hank:  "Here's where we part ways."

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