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Steve:  "It's for your mom's birthday! How often does a Korean woman turn 90?"
Jack:  "Every 30 seconds. The meaner they are, the longer they live."
Melanie:  "Hank, glaucoma is treatable. There are eye drops for it."
Hank:  "But I can't do the drops, because of my diabetes meds."
Melanie:  "Then why are you eating that cookie? Do you know how much sugar is in that?"
Hank:  "How would I know? I can't see labels! I have freaking glaucoma!"
Carol:  "I give eye tests all the time at the DMV. Just the other day, I gave a blind man a drivers' license just because he complimented me on my body!"
Hank:  "But he couldn't see it!"
Carol:  "I let him feel it."
Gary:  "So sorry, Mrs. Sullivan. I just didn't see you. You just came out of nowhere, like one of those scary Korean water ghosts. Is there anything that I can do?"
Ok Cha:  "I don't know. My ankle hurts so much. Perhaps I can put some cold, hard cash on it."
Gary:  "I drive a mobile van that grooms homeless people's dogs. It's for their self-esteem, so when you see a stinking, disheveled person with a beautifully-groomed dog, you say, 'Hey! That could be Barbra Streisand.'"
Ok Cha:  "I waited in the crosswalk for an expensive car to come, and then I threw myself in front of it. Rolled over the hood like Jackie Chan!"
Ok Cha:  "How do you think we could afford to send you to hockey camp? I put a piece of glass inside a chicken nugget and ate it."
Steve:  "You swallowed glass?!"
Ok Cha:  "Going in was not the hard part."
Ok Cha:  "Nobody wants to know how the sausage is made, but everybody likes a hot dog. I made the hot dogs, and you all ate them with big smiles on your faces. And now you find there's a little rat feces in the recipe, and I'm the bad guy? Screw you! Eat your rat turds and be happy!"

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