sullivan and son RETURNS THIS SUMMER
Jack:  "Look, I'm not gonna pretend to be sad that the man is dead. He stole that seat from my father, and I've been waiting to take it back for 30 years!"
Steve:  "He didn't steal it. He won it, fair and square. He showed up at the debates sober."
Jack:  "And who does that? Only a crook."
Carol:  "Say what you like, but I always found him to be an honest politician. And a very generous lover. Of course, as he got old, his eyesight was very bad. On our last date, I went to open a bottle of wine, and came back to find him ravaging a throw pillow."
Owen:  "Which pillow?"
Carol:  "The long one with the boats."
Owen:  "Yeah, that one was always begging for it."
Ok Cha:  "You don't show love and support in public! You might as well just ask me to take off my shirt and shake my ta tas."
Steve:  "Now, Mom: Pretend Hank here is a voter. You're meeting him for the first time. Try to connect. Pay him a compliment."
Ok Cha:  "Your head is round."
Hank:  "Hey, she mentions the shape of my head, and everybody's cool. I mention the shape of her eyes, and suddenly it's a whole thing!"
Ok Cha:  "When the government buys you flowers, it means only one thing. They're about to screw you."
Jamaica:  "Next to humans, dolphins are the world's smartest creatures."
Hank:  "Then why do they keep swimming into the nets? Gotcha, hippy!"
Carol:  "How's your vision?"
Bill:  "Pretty good, fella."
Hank:  "There's a lesson here, boys. Be honest and firm. And thanks to this pill I just took, I'm at least one of those."

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