sullivan and son RETURNS THIS SUMMER
Hank:  "Let's be honest. These guys shouldn't be on the ice. They're built for heat!"
Ahmed:  "Hank, I was born here."
Hank:  "Hey, no disrespect. It's just not in your blood. What's in your blood is sand and haggling."
Roy:  "I was proud to be the first black kid in this neighborhood to play peewee hockey. It was groundbreaking. I was Jackie Robinson on ice."
Hank:  "Roy, you people shouldn't be playing hockey. If the ice melts, we all know you can't swim."
Susan:  "Mom, please don't tell me you have a free pass."
Ok Cha:  "Not anymore. Kim Jong Il is dead."
Owen:  "All right, guys. We just gotta work on a few things. Like offense, defense, and how to get out of the penalty box without injuring ourselves."
Quan:  "I didn't know the door swings in. But my nuts do."
Hank:  "You know what's going to get those boys in game shape? Painting a three bedroom, two bath house."
Steve:  "No, Hank."
Hank:  "How about cleaning out a basement filled with memories I can't face?"
Josh:  "Hey, is that your mom?"
Owen:  "Yeah."
Josh:  "She's hot."
Owen:  "Tell me about it."
Josh:  "She's giving me a zamboner."
Owen:  "Hey, that's my mom you're talking about."
Ok Cha:  "Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute. You're a nice guy now?"
Lyle:  "Well, I'm gonna try to be."
Ok Cha:  "So no more yelling? No more throwing things? No more telling the kids to die?"
Lyle:  "No, I'm done with that."
Ok Cha:  "Then I'm done with you. That's the problem with eye candy – they talk too much."

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